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The Barnett Agency is a student-run organization at the University of Missouri - St. Louis in the Department of Communication & Media focused on providing clients with strategic communication campaigns and public relations solutions that are developed to meet clients' needs. Services provided to both on-campus and community clients can include communication research, content creation, writing, photography and social media management.  

The Barnett Agency supports furthering students' opportunities to expand their leadership, planning, and creativity skills through unique campaign experiences, personal and professional development, and relationship building.

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Get to Know Us

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Josie Santel

UMSL junior, Josie Santel, joined the Barnett Agency in January 2021. Bringing her creativity and social media experience to the team, Josie wants to help grow UMSL's social media engagement. She currently manages the social media accounts for UMSL's Department of Communication and Media. After graduation, Josie hopes to work as a social media manager.

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Michael Graham

Michael Graham is a senior at UMSL and is working for UMSL’s Department of Communication and Media. He will graduate this May with a BA in Communication. Following graduation, he will commission in the United States Army to continue his service. He looks forward to working with the Barnett Agency this semester.


Allec Sanford

UMSL senior, Allec Sanford, joined the Barnett Agency in January of 2021. He plans on graduating by the end of this year with his BA in Strategic Communication, as well as a minor in French. Bringing his creative problem-solving skills to the team, he assists with managing social media accounts for UMSL. After graduating, his goal is to work for an international business within their PR or Marketing department.

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Ryan Massey

UMSL Junior, Ryan Massey, is a communication major with an interest in marketing and PR. Ryan, who joined the agency in the January of 2022, brings his experience with digital design to the team and helps create professional-looking final products. Along with designing advertisements, Ryan helps run the social media accounts for the College of Arts and Sciences and loves using the internet to help build connections with students and their campus.


Carly Wilson

UMSL senior, Carly Wilson, joined The Barnett Agency in September 2020. Bringing her prior social media experience to the team, Carly's focus was on branding The Barnett Agency. After graduation, Carly plans to work as a social media manager, branding and managing accounts for small businesses. Carly's goal is to eventually have her own social media management business.

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Annie O'Donoghue

UMSL Senior, Annie O'Donoghue, joined The Barnett Agency in January 2021. Bringing her professional experience to the team, she currently manages the social media accounts for UMSL’s Department of Communication & Media. After graduation, she plans to do all the travel she was unable to do because of COVID-19. Her goal is to eventually have her own social media consulting business or work on the PR team for a woman-owned business.

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Brandon Yn

Brandon Yn is a junior who joined The Barnett Agency in September 2020. His main responsibility is managing the social media channels for UMSL's College of Arts and Sciences. After graduating he hopes to eventually work for a nonprofit organization, and build his photography and videography skills.


Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is in her first semester with the Barnett Agency. She is a senior about to graduate with her BA in Communication as well as a certificate in Public Relations. This semester, she has been working with HavenHouse St. Louis to create social media posts, plan fundraisers, and more. Working with them this semester has fueled her desire to continue working in the nonprofit sector after graduation.


Alisha Phillips-Jones

Founding member, Alisha Phillips-Jones, graduated in 2020. Her work to launch The Barnett Agency resulted in a student-run PR firm at UMSL dedicated to providing students with real-world experience managing client needs. 


Mariah Lindsey

Mariah Lindsey, a founding member of The Barnett Agency, worked tirelessly to launch a student-run PR firm committed to finding solutions to challenges facing clients.

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UMSL, Lucas Hall 590, 1 University Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63121-4400

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